TimB - Timothy J Byrne

Hello, I am Tim Byrne, a Miami based swimwear photographer

and digital artist.  I help swimwear companies

get unforgettable photos to show off their current lines

and build their company brand. Born in Miami, Florida,

I grew up here in Miami and in Hawaii, surfing, snorkeling,

and voraciously reading, painting and drawing.

I still remember the first camera I got as a Christmas present,

a Polaroid One Step in 1977.             

I now work exclusively in commercial swimwear photography.

I use professional experience and skill to provide excellence

of service, top digital images and enduring happiness

and well being for my clients and their business.

After more than 20 years working as a professional photographer

and in high end photographic digital imaging, I’m still learning every day.

To succeed and grow you must never stop learning

and looking for more.

I don’t believe that doing commercial work is selling out

or that I am not an artist, creating great works of art,

on the contrary, I work very hard creatively

and systematically to make sure every photo

is a work of art and the best there is.

I create depth in photographs through visual storytelling

by employing creativity and visual process. I make pictures 

about something, not just of something. 

The swimwear industry and consumer engagement is not about a model standing in a photo studio against a plain white wall, it's about getting out to the scenic beach and exciting locations where we live and bringing the swimwear to life.

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