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Classic un-retouched as is photo. Good planning and professional  photography with make up and professional models.  Photography and post processing by Timothy J. Byrne.


Timothy J. Byrne is a Miami based swimwear photographer and professional resource for the global swim fashion industry. Born in Miami, my first memories as a child are of playing on the beaches with my brother and sister at the edge of the water. I started painting as a small child, and as a child moved to the island of Oahu,  in Hawaii. There as a child I developed a passion  for snorkeling and surfing, which led to my painting  seascapes, underwater scenes and tropical landscapes.

As a young man in business school I took to sketching the pretty girls in my classes, and started drawing and painting portraits for my friends in cafes and evenings.  After graduating, I ran across a new invention called a Mac and Photoshop and  went to work for advertising agencies and digital photo labs. After many years of professional work, I went back to college and studied traditional fine art, painting,  photography and video.  In 2013, I started working exclusively in commercial swimwear photography. I use the power of my rich artistic background, professional experience and advanced digital photographic science to provide outstanding images, service, and inspiration. I do it for the love of feminine beauty, and a passion for the tropical outdoors and beaches. 

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